A Beautiful Mind and Soul

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Science never talks about mind and soul—and if it does it has no nice words to say about them. So how can a Catholic scientist speak about “a beautiful mind and soul”? Well, he does so as a Catholic who knows that science has nothing to say about mind and soul, but also that science has nothing to say against it.

I want to show this with a rather unusual format by using a lively, conversational dialog: an exchange between a skeptical scientist (S) and a religious scientist (R). The skeptical scientist interrogates the religious scientist with very penetrating questions. And the answers given will hopefully and ultimately clear the way to become appreciative of the beautiful mind and soul that all of us were given.

You will find out in this book that there is definitely still room left for religion next to science, that there is still room left for the soul in addition to the body, that there is still room left for the mind along with the brain, that there is still room left for a moral code over personal likes and dislikes, and that there is still room left for the soul transiting from earth to heaven. Religion keeps having it all right.

Table of Contents

1. When Science Wants the Last Word
	The Conflict that Wasn’t
	A Forgotten History
	A Division of the Estate
	The Ties that Cannot Be Severed
2. The Side Effects of Science
	The Dismantling Approach of Science
	The Cutting Knife of Science
	The Matter of Matter
3. When Science Becomes a Religion
	Has Science Final Answers?
	Has Science a Theory of Everything?
	The Priests of Science
4. Can Science Remove the Soul from the Body?
	Where Does the Soul Idea Come from?
	How Can Body and Soul Work Together?
	Is the Body Something We Own?
	Can Souls Be in the Wrong Bodies?
5. Can Science Eliminate the Mind?
	In Search of a Mind
	The Cradle of Thoughts
	When the Mind Seems Gone
6. The Beauty of the Soul
	The Beauty of the Soul’s Intellectual Part
	The Beauty of the Soul’s Voluntary Part
	What Has Happened to the Beauty of the Soul?
7. The Future of Body and Soul after Death
	The Journey back Home
	A Transition through the Tunnel of Death
	What is Heaven Like?

"It is an excellent presentation of one important strand of Tradition, one that is championed by neo-Thomists."

Fr. Joseph Fessio, S.J.

"This is very good 'stuff'!"

Rev. Peter M. J. Stravinskas, Ph.D., S.T.D.

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