Prayer for the Silent Martyrs of the Womb

To You, my Lord, I lift up the little souls who suffer in the womb of their mother for being unloved and rejected.

Please, bless the world with the realization of the physical and emotional intimacy babies suffer in a oneness with their mothers when the decision is made to end the life You formed with love in the motherís womb.

I know You are with them. May You hold these babies within Your Sacred Heart as they bear in helplessness and emotional torture knowing the life You created will be destroyed, damaging the lives also of their parents whose peace is destroyed as well.

Father, we offer our prayers in reparation for these sinful acts of evil.

May the glory of Your Kingdom welcome the little martyrs of the womb, and may they be held in the arms of our Blessed Mother.

We also pray for those babies who are born but are unloved. Please bless them with Your healing love, touching them to become wholesome children of God who will be guided and healed in their walk through life.

I pray this evil act of abortion will end, and the sacred family life will be restored, bringing the respect for each life You create as one of your own.

Given to Trudy by Jesus on December 2010.