The Suffering of Unborn Babies in the Womb of their Mothers

Lord God, You have revealed to me the horrible emotional and physical suffering of those unborn babies who will be killed in their mother's womb.

At the moment of conception, the Holy Spirit enters the new life, which is God's gift as life begins.

When a mother makes the decision to end this new life - whether on her own or forced - the baby suffers an emotional rejection, but is helpless and must bear this emotional pain of rejection. The unborn baby knows and suffers an emotional torture and silently screams of fear knowing it will be going to the guillotine - yet we let it happen daily.

May this evil of torture for the sake of convenience, ignorance, or sometimes sheer innocence be stopped and may the realization of what is being felt and done to this unborn baby bring about an end to abortion.

Lord God, You have also revealed to me the pain of those who will be born unloved. Their existence in the womb is in a total oneness with their mothers. Her emotions of love, sadness, worry, hate, guilt, and physical abuse are felt by the unborn baby.

Lord, we pray for the silent, helpless ones in the womb and for the babies who will also be born unloved and uncared for. May the Spirit of God give our world the realization that we must stop this demonic act and respect life in the womb.

Given to Trudy by Jesus on December 2010.